Ils nous aiment


I am launching a luxury menswear brand with a first autumn/winter collection in january 2017.
I decided to meet Patrick to get his point of view on my business model, and since then I can feel the entrepreneur growing in me!
His advices are priceless :! He’s pragmatic, realistic and constructive.
He truly is my business Angel!
What a coach!
Thank you Patrick!

Luka Maurer

Fondateur, Garnison

Patrick is great at networking.
He is so friendly, open-minded and generous that he will do anything to help you.
He knows about everyone in town. If you are looking for a great place to organize an event, you should ask him!
If you are looking for a new business partner in any sector, you should talk to him! He always has the right connections.
Patrick is also a great event organizer. I have been to many events that he had put together and I always felt welcome. I always had a good time.
I had the opportunity to work with Patrick on the Hyoko project and thought he was one of the most creative people I have met.
His energy and enthusiasm makes him a main asset for any company.

Sylvie Meynier

Soul Therapist , Laughing Butterfly

Patrick was referred to me by a friend to help my 25 year old daughter promote her first book. He has proven to be excellent since he:

– Has an intricate knowledge on where and exactly how to set up and put everything together.
– Is a very patient coach with a total novice.
– Open minded, flexible and generous with his advice and ideas.

My daughter is now totally boosted with a budding entrepreneurial attitude.

From my side, it has been interesting to follow their exchanges and I have also learnt a lot about the intricacies of the internet.

Looking forward to the next exchanges

Malcom Husband

VP, Crédit Suisse